The future of food services starts now

All across the world, good food is a symbol of enjoyment. So is soccer. The Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB), Germany’s national soccer association, agrees. Starting this year, its spacious new campus in Frankfurt am Main relies on Dussmann for expertise in food service.

While tomorrow’s soccer champions train on one of the DFB campus’s lawns, aiming for a fifth star and another Cinderella story, coaches sketch out sophisticated plays on tactics boards, and board and committee members discuss the future of soccer, the Dussmann Food Services team is hard at work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

Our work on the 50,000-square-meter grounds involves cooking not just for the teams, trainers, and guests, but also for the 600 employees who work at the DFB academy. One thing they all share, though, is their passion for the sport – and it is also an important factor in meal planning. That’s why we work closely with the DFB nutrition team. Our culinary team is always developing new, customized food concepts that focus on quality, health, and enjoyment alike. 

With our broad range of offerings,  we specialize in providing people with tasty, nutritious food anytime, anywhere – worldwide, whether in Italy, Germany, Austria, or elsewhere. We have developed products, foods, and menus that take a variety of different needs into account in terms of both nutrition and taste. 

A few key principles apply to everything we offer. For example, we are always looking to sustainability, and we source mainly local foods. This means the foods we serve are fresh, but that’s not all. The environment also benefits from conservation of resources. This is made possible by our extensive network of suppliers, consisting of some 60 central providers and over 300 local ones. Certified organic foods are also available upon request, of course. 

Here at Dussmann Food Services, we are happy to adjust our dining concepts to your wishes and requirements, whether you are running a day care center or school, staff cafeteria, nursing home, or hospital – and not the other way around. After all, each of these different settings calls for different things, depending on life circumstances, habits, and nationalities.

All the while, we never lose sight of our promise to our customers: “We care for more.” And we offer our partners much more than just food. We offer holistic solutions founded on our passion for service, combining diverse and customized dining concepts with warm hospitality, sustainability, and innovation.

New digital standards for the food service sector

Our in-house startup, the Food Service Innovation Lab, works to add agile and digital innovations to our established offerings. We view technology as the key to greater sustainability in food service and corporate dining. The team rethinks analog processes and ideally digitalizes them seamlessly. Streamlining repetitive work steps like ordering and payment processes in kitchens through smart solutions gives our chefs more time for creative tasks like crafting weekly menus. 

Beyond that, we test mobile food concepts and implement the most promising of them. These include smart refrigerators, filled with fresh self-serve products. Each smart fridge automatically detects which products have been removed. The product selection is based on the needs of the customer, the business, and the location. Payments are made on a contactless basis by app.

Sustainability – the dining of the future

To minimize our carbon emissions, we also calculate the carbon footprint for every dish made at our kitchens. This gives our diners an opportunity to make conscious, sustainable lunch choices. 

Anything not served on china on-site can be taken to go in sustainable reusable packaging. We cooperate in this area with Vytal, Germany's first digital, deposit-free reusable packaging system. All other takeout packaging is 100% climate-neutral to produce. Forward-thinking and up-to-date menu planning, sales of leftover foods considered “too good to go,” and use of rescued organic vegetables from Querfeld are all ways we do our part to reduce food waste.